Never ever forget to pay a bill.

Do you often forget to pay a bill? Are you receiving reminders for invoices with extra costs because of a late payment? Tsjeck covers your wandering mind with alerts, so you’ll never be late again.

Free 7-day trial Monthly or yearly contracts

View all your bills in one dashboard.

An instant overview from all your open, paid and due bills, easy as that. Paid a bill? Just mark them with a check and they are automatically send to your archive.

Scan the bill with your mobile phone.

Bills through mail are put in a digital format with a blink of an eye. Use your camera’s phone and take a picture. Tsjeck! recognizes crucial information immediately.

Receive gentle reminders for due payments.

Receive notifications at the right time: Tsjeck! takes care of that. We’ll ping you 3 days before an invoice is due, so you are right on time to pay.

Forward emails with bills to your account.

Tsjeck! is a breeze of simplicity. When you receive bills or invoices per email, forward them to your account.

Each account comes with a personal tsjeck! e-mailaddress.

Family included!

Each account gets 2 users, so you and your partner are on the same (budget) line. Need more space or users? Upgrade your Tsjeck! in a couple of clicks!

€15 / year


2 users

50 mb storage

Web & Mobile application

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